• Crowns Aren’t Only for Royalty

  • Glen Allen dentist crownsThis month, many Americans set their DVRs to tune in to the Royal Wedding, and what an affair!  So, with royalty on our minds, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss crowns.  Not the Imperial State Crown of the Monarchy, but rather dental crowns.  They may not be as glamorous as the royal crown bedecked in jewels, yet they’re bound to make you just as beautiful once our Glen Allen dentist is finished.


    What is a Crown?

    In the dental industry, a crown is constructed to act as a cap over your tooth or a dental implant.  The purpose of this cap is to restore your tooth back to the way it was before the tooth was compromised.  It offers protection to the area of the tooth above the gums.  A crown may be used on a single tooth or on multiple depending on the procedure.    The crown adds strength to the tooth and is made to look exactly like a real tooth.


    When is a Crown Needed?

    Well, everybody deserves to wear a crown if it’s covered in diamonds and rubies, right?  As it is, the need for a dental crown is more probable than the chance of every donning the Royal Crown.  Dental crowns are common solutions to cracked teeth, dental implants, and missing teeth.  Proper dental hygiene and regular visits to our Glen Allen dentist can help you avoid a crown, however.  The best advice is to contact our office as quickly as possible when a problem arises.

    For example, if you’ve lost a permanent tooth, you may see wear and tear on the surrounding teeth more quickly which would then need crowns or a bridge in order to protect them.  By taking care of your oral health, you can avoid this and unwanted expenses.


    How do I Take Care of a Crown?

    Cleaning the tooth or teeth that have a crown is no different from your regular routine.  Our Glen Allen dentist recommends brushing at least two times every day and flossing daily.  Keep your 6 month appointments and call the office if you notice something out of the norm.  Poor oral hygiene can affect not only your teeth but your entire body as well.  With a good oral regimen, your smile will keep looking great.


    A dental crown doesn’t have the shimmering gemstones as the Queen’s headpiece, but it will restore your smile and bring you your own benefits of beauty.  Our Glen Allen dentist staff works diligently to keep you looking your best with a wonderful, healthy smile.  And, while we may not have access to the real crown, we promise your smile will shine just as bright with any of our cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.  For more information on our services, visit us on Facebook or give our office a call.  We look forward to helping you get the royal smile you deserve.