• Camping and Oral Hygiene

  • camping Glen Allen dentistThe long days of summer and warm temperatures means it’s a perfect time for camping.  Starlit nights gathered around a campfire and calm morning waters ideal for fishing are what campers dream about.  As a Glen Allen dentist concerned about our patients oral health, we know that days or weeks of camping can mean a bit of neglect to your teeth.  So here are some tips that will keep you in good health while in the wilderness.

    Oral Hygiene Tips and the Great Outdoors

    Pack a travel toothbrush or buy a cover for your toothbrush. The proper way to store a toothbrush is to dry it upright without the bristles touching anything. When camping, shake off any excess water and let it dry as much as possible.  This way, your brush will be clean and free of bacteria and germs.  Pick up a brush at your next visit to our Glen Allen dentist office.

    Don’t forget to floss.  The small containers of floss take up very little space and weigh next to nothing if you are backpacking and trying to lighten your load.  You can cut some ahead of time and pack in a small bag or case if you are concerned about space.

    Leave no trace.  Remember when camping that you are Mother Nature’s guest. Clean up after yourself making sure to not leave used floss around.  The same holds true for any other type of waste or garbage.  Think through your daily actions and take a few minutes to learn how to best protect the environment.


    Other hygiene tips for camping

    Have access to clean water.  Use water for washing laundry, sponge baths to help erase the grime of the day, and brushing your teeth.  Just make sure you are at least 70 paces away from any natural water source.  This distance follows the ‘leave no trace’ rule of thumb.  Use a pot or container to carry fresh water or a portable cooler.


    Visit your doctor and Glen Allen dentist before your trip to ensure your trip gets off to a great start.  No one wants to come home early to have a cavity filled.  Pack and label any medications clearly and make sure you carry a little extra with you in case of an emergency.   Above all else have fun and be smart when camping.  Be prepared with a first aid kit and have a foul weather plan as a backup.  Follow our Facebook page for oral health advice and have a great summer.