• Bonding

  • Dental bonds are recommended when imperfections affect a patient’s smile.  Bonding uses a composite resin which is matched to your existing enamel to fill in chips, gaps between teeth, or cracks in a tooth.  The resin is applied and hardened with the use of a special light in most cases and thus a pain-free solution to your smile enhancement.  

    Advantages of Dental Bonds

    Apart from the cosmetic dentistry aesthetics, dental bonds provide a strong surface for the tooth, preventing early wearing down of the enamel.  A chipped tooth is more prone to decay and plaque, yet when the bond's resin is applied, the chip is smoothed out, removing the extra hiding places where plaque and decay can further damage the tooth.  

    Caring for Bonded Teeth

    Oral hygiene for your new smile is no different than normal care.  Proper brushing and flossing on a daily basis and regular dental exams with our Glen Allen dentist are the first measures you should take to care for your bonds.  Refrain from eating or drinking food and beverages that might stain your teeth as the bond can be susceptible to staining.

    A New You; A New Smile

    Our Glen Allen dentist at Mohanty Comprehensive Dentistry can often complete your dental bond procedure in one visit.  Get the new smile you want by calling our office today to schedule a cosmetic dental procedure.