• Oral Surgery

  • Mohanty Comprehensive Dentistry offers a wide range of oral surgery options.  Oral surgery is a field of dentistry requiring advanced schooling and training.  Our Oral Surgeons have undergone this training in order to offer Glen Allen dentist patients the most in comprehensive dentistry.  Tooth extractions, removal of wisdom teeth, TMJ surgery, and other procedures that require anesthesia and post-op care are handled in a comfortable environment.  We provide the highest level of patient care to all of our patients.

    Sedation and Anesthesia


    Dental sedation is often used by our Glen Allen dentist when a procedure calls for it or in instances when anxiety and nervousness is present.  General and local anesthetics are other options at our disposal in order to create a pain-free dental experience. Your comfort and safety come first and we will happily discuss our sedation solutions before your procedure.

    Wisdom Teeth


    Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that erupt in the very back of the mouth.  Due to their size and angle at which they break through the gum line, they often create crowding issues with your teeth.  Pressure and pain in the head and neck, infections, and cysts are common associations with wisdom teeth. Thus, our Glen Allen dentist and oral surgeon recommend the removal of wisdom teeth.  

    Some patients have no trouble with their wisdom teeth.  The majority, however, experience a rise in gum disease, tooth decay, and pain.  The extraction of wisdom teeth prevents your other teeth from moving and ensures your oral cavity remains healthy.  At our office, we closely monitor wisdom teeth at your dental exams and with X-rays to determine if you’ll need your wisdom teeth removed.  

    Tooth Extractions


    Common tooth extractions involve wisdom teeth or a tooth that cannot be restored.  Our team is trained to provide a safe surgery that is as pain-free as possible. Anesthesia or sedation is often used for extractions so that the patient doesn’t feel a thing during the procedure.  And, post-op care is explained before the procedure. Once a tooth is removed, if necessary, we can utilize our cosmetic and restorative services to recreate a great smile.

    Oral Lesions – Cancer Screening


    Cancer screening is performed at every dental exam in order to prevent the disease from advancing.  Oral cancer has a low survival rate, not because it is hard to beat, but because people do not visit the dentist as regularly as they should.  Our Glen Allen dentist patients receive an oral cancer screening every 6 months which stops cancer in its tracks when it appears. Without regular screenings, oral cancer is not caught until it is too late.  Oral lesions are just one symptom of a problem. If a lesion appears inside your mouth, seek help as quickly as possible. Our oral surgeons will remove and test a small piece of the affected tissue to determine a plan of action in order to keep you healthy.

    Corrective Jaw Surgery


    A misaligned jaw may need corrective surgery in order to remedy the situation.  Our highly-skilled oral surgeons at Mohanty Comprehensive Dentistry work to reposition the jaw so that your bite functions properly.  Jaw surgery eliminates pain in the jaw area and improves the cosmetic appearance of your smile and mouth. Additionally, corrective surgery keeps your teeth in great shape and reduces the threat of premature wearing down of enamel.

    Reconstructive Surgery


    Accidents and injuries involving the face can call for the need of reconstructive surgery.  Illnesses, medications, and missing teeth may also require surgery in order to repair the area and reconstruct the affected structures.  We commonly use reconstruction surgery to prepare a patient who is receiving dentures, so that their new smile is natural. All of our surgeries are handled with the utmost care, ensuring your comfort level and safety comes first.